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Getting started

Welcome to Nextfast 👋

NextFast is a feature-rich boilerplate for building Saas web applications with Next.js. It comes packed with various tools and libraries to accelerate your development process.

Getting Started

Get started by setting up your local development.

What you'll need

  • Node.js version 18.0 or above:
    • When installing Node.js, you are recommended to check all checkboxes related to dependencies.

Clone the repo

Using command below to clone the repo:

git clone

You can type this command into Command Prompt, Powershell, Terminal, or any other integrated terminal of your code editor.

Start your site

Run the development server:

cd nextfast-lemonsqueezy-ts
npm install
npm run dev

The cd command changes the directory you're working with. In order to work with your project folder, you'll need to navigate the terminal there.

The npm run dev command builds your website locally and serves it through a development server, ready for you to view at http://localhost:3000/.